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Milk Solutions | Mani-Pedi Treatment Products

Milk Solutions

Milk Solutions is focused on results-driven products for hands and feet. Created and manufactured in South Africa, Karen Ellithorne, developed a brand that could tackle many of the issues we experience in respect to hands and feet.

Natural Ingredients

In South Africa people are exposed daily to harsh environmental conditions in terms of blazing sunshine and fiercely dry air. Due to outdoor lifestyles skin becomes thickened and hardened due to daily impact and exposure. Milk Solutions is a comprehensive range of innovative, paraben free, specialist in manicure and pedicure products that can be used for home care use. Designed to undo the damage of modern environmental issues and delivery of effective and visible results.

Milk Solutions | Mani-Pedi Treatment Products
Milk Solutions | Mani-Pedi Treatment Products

The Milk and Honey Range

The Milk and Honey range embodies all the benefits of milk and honey, providing superior hydration, healing and anti-oxidant action for dehydration, dry, flaking and sensitive skin. Within the range you can experience softening soaks which cleanses, soothes and softens the skin; exfoliating creams that assist in removing dead skin cells and providing hydration, oils that provide nourishment to the nails as well as balms that support with hydration and prevent cracking.

The Garden Range

The Garden range is designed to feed and nourish the skin addressing the skins sensitivities, sun damage and accelerated ageing. Significant research has gone into identifying ingredients that effectively target and treat specific ageing concerns by facilitating cell regeneration, aiding skin repair and leaving the skin looking and feeling younger. Within this range you can enjoy the benefits of balms and masks for hydration, foot spritz to revive and relieve tired feet, serums for hands reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as cuticle and nail care.

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Milk Solutions | Mani-Pedi Treatment Products