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Murad | Skin Care Products


Murad Skincare was the first doctor brand created for clinical skincare developed 25 years ago. Howard Murad the founder is still actively involved in the product development and with his background as a dermatologist and pharmacist he has the technical understanding to drive performance and results throughout the product ranges.

The Murad Approach

Murad’s approach to skincare is an holistic approach involving not just what you apply to your skin as part of your daily routines but also considers and promotes healthier lifestyles in terms of exercise, activity, mental well-being, and what we consume (the inside-out approach).

Murad | Skin Care Products
Murad | Skin Care Products

3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Murad’s three step approach to skincare is straightforward and effective. 1. Cleanse and Tone, 2. Treat and Repair, 3. Hydrate and Protect. Step 1 and 3 is about identifying the cleanser and hydrators that are appropriate for your skin type i.e. normal, combination, oily or sensitive. Step 2 is possibly the most important element whereby you are addressing your skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, firming, redness, congestion, or dehydration. All the products are numbered 1,2 or 3 so you are able to identify which part of the skin routine they relate to.

The Murad Range Includes...

Environmental Shield which addresses environmental issues such as sun damage; Age Reform which manages hydration issues as well as fine line and wrinkles; Resurgence focusing on hormonally ageing skin; Redness Therapy helping concerns such as Rosacea and Blemish Control assisting with acne and blemished skin. In addition body therapy treatments are available.

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Murad | Skin Care Products