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  1. Advanced Active Radiance Serum

    Special Price £52.50 Regular Price £75.00

    A fast acting treatment that boosts radiance and reverses visible signs of environmental damage such as dark spots. Clinical trials show that it improves brightness, clarity and radiance by 60%.

  2. Clarifying Serum


    A serum that can be used to regenerate smoother and healthier looking skin. High in Vitamin A,E and C will assist in diminishing large pores. The secret to an airbrushed skin tone.

  3. Dream Serum


    A serum that can be used for all skin types but in particular Eczema as the dream oil kills the microbes which cause this condition. Light and beautiful fragrance keeps the skin supple and balances dry or greasy skin.

  4. Lia Serum


    A serum that has natural antioxidant properties and UV filters which help protect the skin and restore mositure levels. Assists with the reduction of conditions such as redness and rosacea.

  5. SOS Serum


    A serum that helps rebuild skin cells, hence repairs broken or damaged skin, removal of blackheads, helps treats acne and hydrates dry or tired skin. Proven to remove warts after 3-5 applications. A multi-purpose oil that boosts non-performing skin.

  6. Remedy Serum

    An intensive serum with soothing, fortifying actions indicated for skins which are sensitive, sensitized and subject to redness whether it be localized or diffused. Light and not occlusive, on its own or combined with a cream, provides immediate comfort to the skin.
  7. Hydramemory Serum


    A serum with biomimetic fragments of hyaluronic acid to provide hydration, softeness and smoothness and a blend of natural extracts to help protecting the skin barrier, this ultra-light “sorbet” texture serum immediately quenches the skin, for an intensive, prolonged hydrating action bestowing a pleasurable sensation of freshness

  8. Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum

    Special Price £23.50 Regular Price £47.00

    A lightweight moisturising serum that improves hydration and minimises irritation and redness. Improves the skin's barrier function and soothes and improves suppleness.

  9. Retinol Youth Serum

    Special Price £45.50 Regular Price £65.00

    A fast acting Retinoid, a time-released Retinoid and a booster all in formula. Visibily minimised wrinkles, firms and evens ski tone. Clinical results saw a reduction in lines and wrinkles in 2 weeks.

  10. Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum

    Special Price £45.50 Regular Price £65.00

    A patented daily treatment that instantly tightens and with continued use reveals a smoother and more resilient skin. Clinical trials show that 81% experienced an improvement in wrinkles after 2 weeks.

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