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Windle & Moodie | Hair Styling Products

Windle and Moodie

Windle and Moodie are the highly fashionable, yet innovative and quality haircare brand famous for it’s London heritage and home for many A list celebrities. They are the hairdressers of choice for the likes of Burberry and with the camera lens and spotlight so regularly focused on them their products are key to their success.

The range itself combines innovative tea-infused hair treatments and performance-driven styling, all eco-friendly. Their shampoos and conditioners contain tea properties known for their anti-oxidants; teas nuture, protect and promote shine leaving the hair radiant.

Windle & Moodie | Hair Styling Products
Windle & Moodie | Hair Styling Products

Only food-grade tea is used, cultivated by a renowned British tea specialist. Products feature White Tea from China (high levels of anti-oxidants to nuture and protect), Roobios Tea from South Africa (promotes hair growth and relieves skin conditions), Green Tea from Kenya (vitamins slow the process of ageing and thinning of hair), Yerke Mate Tea from Chile (stimulates scalp microcirculation).

Windle and Moodie styling products can be mixed and layered to achieve a wide range of textures and styles.

There are no sulphates, propylene glycol, silicones or parabens in their products.

Feel catwalk ready yourself with this exquisite range of haircare products.

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Windle & Moodie | Hair Styling Products